Thursday, November 1, 2012

Perhaps there are those who need to know

I started this blog with all good intentions then  I just left it like oh well.
My hip was done, I was good things went fine. Whala!

Any how, I would do it again in an instant. As a matter of a fact I am doing it again. I would have had to wait till Feb 26th, that would have killed me.  This left leg is so bad, I literally can't stand it no more. I have been using my walker as crutches to keep from bearing any unnecessary weight on my left leg because it is so excruciating.
Luckily, November 16th!!!! Thank you God!
So here I go again,, I expect to walk well by Christmas. My surgeon is the BEST there is and I am very confident about this procedure.

So, for anybody facing hip replacement, if you have been suffering miserably, go for it! You won't regret it. It will give you back your life. 

I will have mine back really soon now.  Once I get back home, then I will disclose who my miracle-working doctor is. He already is too popular and is in high demand.
Till then,

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